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Self Esteem

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‘Self-esteem’ is a phrase that we use to talk about how people feel about themselves.

People with healthy self-esteems will generally have more positive opinions about who they are. They may sometimes not like certain parts of themselves (like personality or appearance) but in general they can deal with this without it having a long-term negative impact on them. People with low self-esteems tend to have very negative opinions about themselves. They often focus on the parts of them they don’t like and find it hard to see the positive parts of who they are.

If you feel that you have low self-esteem you should think about talking to either your parent/guardian, a teacher or a support worker. Self-esteem is something we all struggle with at some point and so by talking to others it helps us see we’re not the only one who feels this way. Try thinking about the parts of you that you do like, focus on compliments that you’ve been given in the past and talk to someone about the negative thoughts you have.

For further information and support, please visit www.selfesteem.dove.co.uk